LIVE like there's no tomorrow.
LAUGH like you did when you were little.
LOVE like you've never been hurt.

Apr 27

runawayandbehappy said: what i don't understand is that you can go on acting like you did nothing wrong. but the thing is, i'm stronger than you now and i can honestly say that. you will never face up to what you did and that's been proven, you're 27 but have to result to a message to talk to people. believe me i don't have any intentions of ruining anything but i've finally realised the truth and its what i needed. you didn't make sure my parents supported me, i did that myself without you.

Your messages are very funny! Look back and see how much you change your mind

Jul 8


Sorry for being honest but things can’t stay this way… If things carry on I might need to change future plans?!?!:(

Jul 1

Hello Tumblr, I have missed your company!


Like I say… Stress is like a rocking chair, it does something but gets you nowhere!

Like I say… Stress is like a rocking chair, it does something but gets you nowhere!

Jun 14

I’ve been off Tumblr this week for a number of reasons,

 1. To purposefully distance myself from you, because I feel my life is becoming over ruled by checking that you havent hurt/purged/killed yourself on tumblr.

2. Because I wanted you to write how you really felt and knew this would happen if i wasn’t on here… which you did, you’ve been rude, hurtful and honest and it hurts to read it now.

3. To give you an opportunity to try and see things for yourself and to sort your own problems rather than knowing that i will do it for you and give you answers to your ‘I don’t know?’ answers.

To come on here and see what you have posted and how you have reacted… im gutted and hurt and i’ve lost alot of respect.

I cannot help you anymore…you are passed my helping ability.

Jun 8


Bye tumblr I feel we need some time away:’(

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